Adolescent Online dating Assault: Your Deeper Examine Teenagers Enchanting

Do you use Grindr or a similar dating app and are going out and traveling? In this case, always look to look up your destination local laws and general attitude towards homosexuality. The annual research reports on state-sponsored homophobia of Ilga (International Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and Intersex Association) can be a good place to start. At the bottom of this article, we have summarized the countries where same sexual actions are illegal. Our advice is to carefully consider what is on this list, but also to make further research, so you do not accidentally end up in a place like Egypt with your Grindr-app activated.

Also countries that are entirely accepting homosexuality according to law and in practice are not always good places to be on. Judge individuals can try to use Grindrs in ways that are harmful to members of the HBTQ community. Therefore, it is important that you always protect yourself and your privacy as best you can – even when you date.

Keeping your privacy intact while dating means a certain dilemma. If each Grindr user puts its integrity first, the date becomes much more difficult – if not impossible. How can you be sure your match is the one he says he is? When is it safe to meet someone? And how can you make it clear for the other person that you don’t mean anything bad but just looking for a date?

Despite the negative attention that Grindrin has received recently, it is still a positive space. 99% of all dates, conversations and hits go well and are trouble-free. To ensure that this is also the case for you, there are several precautions that you can take. Grinders created a list of security measures that all its users can and should take. Some examples are: Always notify a friend or family member about the place where you should meet someone from Grindrin and trust your instinct. If something feels wrong then it’s probably it.

Apart from complying with the general safety guidelines that Grinders provide, you can always take several other security measures to protect yourself as best as possible. Here are three good tips to help you with it:

As with other dating apps, it is always wise to limit the amount of personal information that you include in your profile. Avoid using your full name, phone number, e-mail address, HIV status and other sensitive information. In addition, it is wise to upload a profile picture that is not anywhere else online. Otherwise, users can try to make a reverse image search of your photo and find your other social media. O

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